Purpose In Valuing Others Today


What is PIVOT TN?

PIVOT TN operates exclusively for charitable purposes to provide a holistic approach to community connections through bridge housing, alternative transportation, and relational connections that includes spiritual, physical, educational, and mental facets to meet the needs of individuals outside of resources. PIVOT TN partners with other local nonprofits as well as educational institutes for integrated skill building opportunities.  PIVOT TN bridges connections with the community.

Why care?

⌂  Addresses facets of Social Determinants of Health

⌂  Housing First model brings freedom to re-establish

⌂  PIVOT partnerships unify the community

⌂  Brings purpose to givers and receivers

⌂  Lowers the cost of city spending within policing and jail systems

⌂  Reduces healthcare cost and readmissions

⌂  Brings ownership and dignity to individuals

⌂  Provides coordination with community resources

⌂  Brings stability that provides better health

⌂  It is the right thing to do.

How will it work?

PIVOT TN begins with the individual. The housing first model frees the individual to move towards meeting personal goals and any additional challenges. The PIVOT TN  model supports the individual in working through their progression and investment in community.

Mission:  PIVOT  TN is a nonprofit organization bridging resources to restore; Strengthening and empowering young adults throughout the community to reduce and combat homelessness.