Voices of the Community

As you read these blog posts you are invited to relate, empathize, seek to understand, and soften your heart to fellow community members.

This first post comes from a young volunteer that served with us to clean up an encampment here in Blount County.

Dec. 2021

Burned Bibles and Polystyrene Beads

Where do you go to sleep?

Surely not surrounded by crumbling concrete.

not amongst the hypodermic needles

and inhuman creatures.

The abundance of utensils...

can addiction be that simple?

Where the Bibles are burned

to produce the heat that is yearned

but the paper copy of the Word

is not what makes it heard.

Oppression is the absence of choices,

now it's time to use your voices.

Why wait for when you have no place to lay your head?

help now instead.